Media Coverage

Snapshot of media coverage about the Calgary Regional Partnership:


December 2, 2016 Strathmore Times: New regional transit system being discussed


November 24, 2016 Rocky Mountain Outlook: Town of Canmore could start own broadband service


November 23, 2016 Strathmore Standard: Calgary Region's On-It transit service running


November 18, 2016 High River Times: Town explores municipally owned broadband


November 17, 2016 Journal of Commerce: Importers look past tight Vancouver warehousing to Calgary


November 16, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Fibre Optics a hot topic


November 14, 2016 Rocky View Weekly: Irricana looking into green bins


November 7, 2016 Okotoks Online: Buses slow to take off


November 4, 2016 Okotoks Online: Buses slow to take off


November 2, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: On-It system stands up to test


October 25, 2016 The Weal: Calgary Transit is On-It


October 14, 2016 Everyday Tourist: Calgary Regional Transit: On-It Love it!


October 13, 2016 Camcode Blog: Top Logistics Podcasts: 50 Informative Podcasts on Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Transport, and All Things Logistics (Square One Supply Chain Podcast included)


October 12, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Transit a teenage ticket to ride 


October 11, 2016 CTV News Calgary: A new regional transit system


October 11, 2016 CBC News: On-It transit gives regional commuters cushy ride to Calgary


October 11, 2016 CKNW News 980: Regional commuter service pilot launches today


October 11, 2016 Global News: New regional transit shuttle takes commuters to and from Calgary


October 10, 2016 660 News: New transit service for Calgary region hits the trail Tuesday


October 9, 2016 Chestermere Anchor: City hosts successful mayors' caucus


October 5, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Province needs to get on the bus


October 5, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Commuter transit ready to roll next week


October 4, 2016 Okotoks Online: On-It transit launches connecting communities


October 4, 2016 Airdrie Echo: Crossfield wants to maintina autonomy


October 3, 2016 City News Calgary: On-it Regional Transit (starting at 1:25 - 2:34)


October 3, 2016 660 News: On-It transit service to connect Calgary to nearby communities


September 17, 2016 Calgary Herald: Larivee: Municipalities must work together to compete 


September 15, 2016 Calgary Herald: McAllister: NDP's changes to municipal governance bear watching closely


September 15, 2016 Cochrane Eagle: Councillors, residents not happy with proposed Glenbow Ranch development


September 14, 2016: Okotoks Western Wheel: MD wants more involvement at regional level


August 31, 2016 660 News: Chestermere crafts new Municipal Development Plan to guide next 25 years


August 27, 2016 Calgary Sun: More unknowns need to be known


August 22, 2016 Avenue Magazine: Living on the Edge of Calgary City limits


August 18, 2016 High River Times: On-It Regional Transit to begin in October


August 17, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Commuter transit plans rolling along


August 10, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Changes needed to improve town, says candidate


July 26, 2016 Airdrie Echo: Regional Transit pilot to start this fall


July 20, 2016 Strathmore Standard: Strathmore not ready for Green Trip


July 12, 2016 Airdrie Echo: Low-density a good choice for town


July 9, 2016 High River Times: CRP municipalities collaborate to increase regional Internet access


July 8, 2016 Strathmore Standard: No public transit system for Strathmore - yet


July 6, 2016 High River Times: CRP municipalities to increase regional internet access


July 5, 2016 Bow Island Commentator: Broadband faces many challenges in rural Alberta


June 28, 2016 Airdrie Echo: Council invests in Canada Day


June 22, 2016 Airdrie City View: Airdrie Transit going after grant dollars to fund projects


June 22, 2016 The cost of moving freight


June 22, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Transit plans rolling along


June 18, 2016 Leadership and Innovation: UAE, Canada promote partnerships in innovation, sustainability


June 17, 2016 Chestermere Anchor: MGA Summer Tour comes to Chestermere


June 14, 2016 Cochrane Times: Municipalities reserved on MGA modernization


June 9, 2016 Rocky View Weekly: Provincial government moves to modernize MGA


June 8, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Province unveils changes to MGA


June 3, 2016 Rocky View Weekly: Irricana to revist withdrawal from CRP


June 3, 2016 Chestermere Anchor: Will our city survive?


June 2, 2016 Airdrie City View: New biking initiative aids all skills and ages


June 1, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Black Diamond Town Councillor Jackson resigns


May 31, 2016 Calgary Herald: Alberta forces cities, counties to share costs for major roads and services


May 31, 2016 Calgary Sun: New cost sharing set for municipalities


May 31, 2016 Dubai City Guide: Dubai FDI-led Mission Tours Canada To Promote Partnerships In Innovation And Sustainability


May 28, 2016 Calgary Sun: New estate communities may become a thing of the past


May 25, 2016 High River Online: High River Receives Ministers Award for Tourism


May 20, 2016 Chestermere Anchor: Students taking a look at immigration


May 12, 2016 Okotoks Online: Future of Okotoks Potable Water Pipeline Unknown


May 5, 2016 Cochrane Eagle: Town eyes regional transit feeder


April 29, 2016 Rocky View Weekly: Irricana developing tourism strategy


April 21, 2016 Airdrie City View: Airdrie Transit providing Province input on future of transit


April 12, 2016 CKNW Vancouver: U of L professor to dive into Calgary Region water rights


April 6, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: CRP elects executive


April 6, 2016 Strathmore Standard: Chamber of Commerce community booming


April 2, 2016 Okotoks Online: More CRP responsibility for Turner Valley Councillor


March 26, 2016 Okotoks Online: On-It Project win's Minister's Award


March 26, 2016 High River Times: Transportation project wins local area Minister's Award


March 23, 2016 Province of Alberta: Province honours transportation innovation


March 23, 2016 High River Times: Town supports MD's growth management concerns


March 16, 2016 High River Online: M.D. of Foothills opposes growth management boards


March 9, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Province seeks transit feedback


March 9, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Growth brings extra revenue to town


March 8, 2016 Okotoks Online: Provincial funding for Calgary transit helps local commuters


February 25, 2016 Airdrie City View: Calgary Hackathon will use Airdrie's open data


February 25, 2016 CBC News Calgary: GreenTRIP program has Alberta communities applying for $415M in transit funds


February 25, 2016 66 News Calgary: New money for transit projects as the province opens up the third call for green-trip incentives


February 24, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Town explores high speed connections


February 19, 2016 Strathmore Times: Council interested in GreenTrip


February 15, 2016 Calgary Sun: Plans for Banff train concern Calgary


February 14, 2016 Calgary Herald: Banff seeks revival of passenger rail service to Calgary


February 10, 2016 The Crag and Canyon: Bow Valley assessing feasibility of transit 


February 6, 2016 Rockyview Weekly: Growth Management Boards "concerning"


February 4, 2016 Okotoks Online: Okotoks takes part in Fibre Optic Internet Study 


February 4, 2016 Nanton News: Town to leave Calgary Regional Partnership


February 3, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: High-speed internet on hold


January 20, 2016 Cochrane Times: Town asked to give opinions on new growth board   


January 13, 2016 Okotoks Western Wheel: Challenging year in store for MD


January 7, 2016 i880AM News: Larivee weighs in on Chestermere-Rocky View County land battle


January 6, 2016 Calgary Herald: Chestermere, Rocky View development tension 'unfortunate' says municipal affairs minister


January 2, 2016 Okotoks Online: Watrin look forward


December 20, 2015 Calgary Sun: Proposal by city of Chestermere to annex 25,000 acres of Rocky View county met with support


December 20, 2015 Calgary Herald: Battle brewing as Chestermere attempts to annex land to block development


December 19, 2015 CBC News Calgary: Chestermere annexation bid latest in longstanding development fight


December 18, 2015 Rocky View Weekly: Unfriendly neighbourhood


December 18, 2015 Spruce Grove Examiner: Capital Region Board eager about GreenTRIP funding


December 7, 2015 High River Times: Mayor’s taskforce chair addresses chamber crowd


November 29, 2015 High River Online: Providing Input on Regional Transit


November 25, 2015 The Crag and Canyon: Canmore, Banff withdraw from Calgary Regional Partnership


November 25, 2015 High River Online: Nanton says "No Thank you" to the CRP


November 23, 2015 Calgary Sun: Transportation remains top priority among Calgarians according to Satisfaction survey


November 19, 2015 The Crag and Canyon: Canmore withdraws from the Calgary Regional Partnership


November 6, 2015 Nanton News: Regional bus service coming to Nanton next fall


November 5, 2015 High River Online: Get Info on On-It


November 3, 2015 Okotoks Online: Opportunity to give feedback on future transit


October 29, 2015 Okotoks Online: Nanton residents get a close look at new transit to Calgary


October 26, 2015 660 News: Info sessions held on regional transit program


October 21, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Public welcomes On-It


October 16, 2015 Okotoks Online: Foothills residents give feedback on future transit


October 15, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Municipal leaders discussing growth management


October 14, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Transit proposal gets green light


October 6, 2015 Airdrie Echo: Changes coming to CRP


October 1, 2015 Cochrane Eagle: Cochrane not part of CRP's regional transit project


September 30, 2015 Cochrane Times: CRP  announces On-It Regional Transit Service


September 28, 2015 High River Online: Stier urges caution with new MGA


September 25, 2015 CBC News: Calgary regional planning to be mandated under new provincial law


September 25, 2015 660 News Calgary: NDP govt announces new Municipal Government Act


September 25, 2015 Calgary Herald: Municipal Affairs Minister makes MGA pledge to cities


September 25, 2015 Calgary Sun: Province promises measures on way to manage growth of cities


September 25, 2015 Edmonton Journal: New Alberta Municipal Government Act will reward cities that play nice


September 25, 2015 Okotoks Online: Transit Service a Go for Five Foothills Communities


September 25, 2015 Airdrie Echo: CRP to launch regional transit pilot


September 24, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Transit coming to Okotoks in 2016


September 24, 2015 Calgary Metro: Regional transit will soon be available south of Calgary


September 4, 2015 Calgary Sun: Calgary transit projects receive major financial boost from province


September 4, 2015 Newstalk 770: Calgary Region gets GreenTRIP funding


September 2, 2015 Calgary Metro: Route Ahead boost expected for Calgary Transit with provincial GreenTRIP announcement


July 29, 2015 Okotoks Online: What does Calgary's Green Line mean for Okotoks


July 28, 2015 Crag and Canyon: Dead Man's Flats ASP criticized by leading figures


July 15, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Survey to shed light on Black Diamond tourism


July 8, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Public giving input on growth plans


July 8, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: No summer break for Alberta MLA's


May 31, 2015 Calgary Herald: Big trouble over little Conrich: Calgary-county tensions flare


May 28, 2015 Airdrie City View: Council votes to stay in CRP, despite split vote


May 28, 2015 Airdrie City View: Partnership Questioned


May 26, 2015 Discover Airdrie: Alderman's thoughts on the CRP


May 21, 2015 Airdrie Echo: Airdrie to remain part of CRP


May 20, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Mayor doesn't expect radical changes with the NDP government


May 13, 2015 CTV News Calgary: Would the return of rail service reduce traffic snarls in Banff?


May 6, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: MD of Foothills mulls rejoining CRP


May 3, 2015 Pincher Creek Voice: Interview with Livingstone-Macleod Wildrose candidate Pat Stier


May 1, 2015 Calgary Herald: White - Calgary Region is an inland port


April 30, 2015 High River Times: Candidates debate critical Highwood issues


April 29, 2015 Cochrane Times (Opinion): Stewart still doesn't get it


April 23, 2015 Cochrane Times (Opinion): They still don't get it


April 22, 2015 Calgary Herald: Growth with a purpose in Chestermere


April 15, 2015 Cochrane Times: CRP to begin transit pilots


April 15, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Wildrose leader looks to "sweep" Tories from office


March 30, 2015 Rocky View Weekly: Irricana seeks input on tourism


March 26, 2015 High River Times: Council supports regional transit pilot project


March 26, 2015 Cochrane Eagle: Town to continue looking into community enhancements


March 16, 2015 Rocky View Weekly: RVC recommends Province cut CRP funding


March 9, 2015 Nanton News: Inbound and content marketing: how to cut through the noise to reach your customers


March 4, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Town seeks more info on fibre-optic network


March 3, 2015 Calgary Herald: Builders, commuters laud regional bus bid


March 2, 2015 Rocky View Weekly: Regional Planning, Rocky View and the City of Calgary


February 26, 2015 High River Times: Council votes to re-join regional partnership


February 26, 2015 Cochrane Eagle: RVC vs. CRP


February 25, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: MD should be part of regional plan


February 24, 2015 Airdrie Echo: Rocky View urges Province to stop funding CRP


February 22, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Okotoks councillor to take on Danielle Smith for PC nod


February 20, 2015 CBC: Calgary Regional Partnership: Nenshi calls out Rocky View reeve on bid to slash funding


February 19, 2015 660 News: Nenshi at odds with Rocky View County over request to cut funding to CRP


February 18, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Province needs to back water pipeline


February 18, 2015 Okotoks Western Wheel: Provincial funding slow to come down the pipe


February 17, 2015 Airdrie Echo: Council wary of legislating growth plan


February 4, 2015 Canadian Shipper: Transportation Hubs - the case for Calgary


February 3, 2015 Calgary - A strong transport hub


January 31, 2015 Calgary Herald: Robertson: Smart growth is what Calgary and the Regions are working towards


January 22, 2015 Calgary Herald: Lowther: Calgary's plan to bully surrounding communities is a bad idea


December 31, 2014 Cochrane Times: 2014 and the road ahead


December 11, 2014 Airdrie City View: MLA commends city council on letter to CRP


December 10, 2014 Western Wheel: Foothills: 2,600 homes in proposed Ribstone Ranch


December 10, 2014 Calgary Herald: Chamber of Commerce urges city to find new revenue sources


December 9, 2014 Airdrie Echo: MLA speaks out on CRP


December 4, 2014 Airdrie City View: City Council to ask CRP to respond to concerns


December 4, 2014 Calgary Herald: Calgary Regional Partnership needs more transparency says Wildrose MLA


December 2, 2014 Metro News: Regional public transit between Calgary, Okotoks, and beyond sought by 2014


December 2, 2014 Airdrie Echo: Regional planning critical


December 2, 2014 Airdrie Echo: Airdrie contemplates leaving the Calgary Regional Partnership


November 28, 2014 Calgary Herald: Okotoks seeks $36 million provincial grant for Calgary water pipeline


November 25, 2014 Airdrie Echo: City data now available


November 26, 2014 Western Wheel: Calgary gives pipeline green light


October 29, 2014 Calgary Herald: Okotoks seeks $36M provincial grant for Calgary water pipeline


October 8, 2014 Western Wheel: Mayor to head up Calgary Regional Partnership


September 17, 2014 Western Wheel: Water pipeline requests submitted to Calgary, Province


September 9, 2014 CBC News Edmonton: Jim Prentice meets with Alberta mayors to talk about future


September 8, 2014 Calgary Sun: Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi pitches urban agenda for Alberta premier-designate Jim Prentice


August 6, 2014 Western Wheel: PC leadership contender talks tough in Okotoks


July 2, 2014 Western Wheel: Commuter transit service trial pitched for Foothills


June 24, 2014 Metro News: Calgary advised to avoid ‘double whammy’ of Toronto’s regional transportation costs


June 19, 2014 Calgary Herald: Tory hopefuls McIver, Lukaszuk reject pushing through metropolitan plan


June 6, 2014 Calgary Herald: Wildrose water allocation strategy raises fears


June 4, 2014 Strathmore Standard: "Calgary Regional Partnership amendments change veto roles"


May 27, 2014 Airdrie Echo: "CMP amendments approved"


May 20, 2014 CBC News: "Calgary to Banff high-speed rail service proposed"


May 16, 2014 Calgary Sun: "Regional plan ready for vote - Alberta could pass met plan in 2015"


May 13, 2014 Airdrie Echo: "Council against CMP amendments"


May 12, 2014 Metro News: "Province needs to 'fish or cut bait' on Calgary Metropolitan Plan, Nenshi says"


May 8, 2014 Metro News: "Calgary shaky aong new metropolitan path, while Edmonton stays the course: report


April 29, 2014 Airdrie Echo: "GreenTRIP funding back up for grabs"


April 22, 2014 Airdrie Echo: "Development growing concern for local politican"


April 9 2014 Okotoks Western Wheel - Opinion: "It's time for the MD to rejoin the CRP"


April 9, 2014 Okotoks Western Wheel: "Mediation over regional plan seen as positive"


April 7, 2014 Rocky View Weekly - Opinion: "CRP making an effort with counties"


April 7, 2014 Rocky View Weekly: "CRP makes changes to Metropolitan Plan to 'improve collaboration' with counties"


April 3, 2014 Calgary Herald: "On clearing the decks and preening the feathers"


April 3, 2014 Cochrane Times: "CRP voting to amend Metro Plan"


April 1, 2014 Airdrie Echo: "Regional growth plan faces amendments


March 28, 2014 Calgary Sun: "Calgary Metropolitan Plan lurches forward following mediation"


March 26, 2014 Okotoks Western Wheel: "Alison Redford steps down as Premier"


March 17, 2014 Calgary Sun: "Intrigue with Alberta Tories not affecting Calgary, says Mayor Naheed Nenshi"


February 27, 2014 Western Wheel: "New plan for water conservation"


February 27, 2014 Cochrane Eagle: "Alberta Transportation holds open house in Cochrane"


February 21, 2014 Calgary Herald: "Huge Chestermere development clears another hurdle"


January 25, 2014 Calgary Sun: "Growing pains - Working together ... and maybe paying together to deal with the region's boom"


January 22, 2014 Cochrane Times: "Care about the SSRP"


December 31, 2013 Airdrie City View: "Airdrie City View's Top 10 Newsmakers of the Year"


December 31, 2013 High River online: "Five Big News Stories of 2013"


December 17, 2013 Airdrie Echo: "Leaders deem bill acceptable"


December 13, 2013 Edmonton Journal: "Huge proposed development could quadruple Chestermere's population"


December 12, 2013 Airdrie City View: "Critics argue Bill 28 still removes local autonomy"


December 10, 2013 Airdrie Echo: "Fresh face to head Regional Partnership"


November 27, 2013 The Anchor Weekly: "The Calgary Regional Partnership has a new Board of Directors"


November 26, 2013 660 News: "Okotoks hopes to expand water supply with new pipeline"


November 14, 2013 Airdrie City View: "Bill 28 attacks autonomy of local government"


October 30, 2013 Metro News: "Minister Doug Griffiths won't use Bill 28 to force regional co-operation in Calgary area"


October 22, 2013 Calgary Sun: "Fresh off sweeping election win Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi outlines to-do list"


October 11, 2013: "Multiculture mega shopping faclity New Horizon Mall planned to open near CrossIron Mills"


October 3, 2013 Strathmore Standard: "What's important in Strathmore?"


October 3, 2013 Cochrane Eagle: "McBride, Anderson battle over CRP, housing density"


September 26, 2013 Airdrie City View: "CRP under the microscope from MLA and mayors"


September 19, 2013 Airdrie City View: "A look at Airdrie's role in the Calgary Regional Partnership


September 18, 2013 Airdrie Echo: "What role does the CRP play in Airdrie?


September 12, 2013 Airdrie Echo: "Team United stance on CRP concerns"


September 4, 2013 Western Wheel: "MD councilllors propose changes to regional plan"


August 28, 2013 Airdrie Echo: "County reeve to seek re-election"


June 19, 2013 660News: "Cochrane Mayor marks last event as chair of Calgary Regional Partnership"


April 16, 2013 High River Times: "Griffiths pushes for resolution in regional planning disputes"


April 15, 2013 High River Times: "High River leaves Calgary Regional Partnership"


April 10, 2013 High River Times: "Councilors trade barbs over Calgary Metropolitan Plan"


March 11, 2013 Rocky View Weekly: "Irricana in line for potential CRP transit study" 


March 6, 2013 Airdrie Echo: "Rocky View County headed to mediation over Calgary Metropolitan Plan"


March 1, 2013 High River Times: "Mediation for the CRP" 


February 27, 2013 Cochrane Eagle: "CRP agrees to mediation with surrounding municipalities"


February 11, 2013 Calgary Herald: "Calgary mayor and municipal affairs minister exchange barbs over growth plan"