Explore Calgary Region

The Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) has launched Explore Calgary Region (ECR), making access to powerful business information only a mouse-click away.

What is it?

The ECR site gathers economic, planning, geographic and demographic information often sought by site selectors into one place on the Web. It is fully expandable and we hope to incorporate more information about municipal servicing, transportation, land use and business activity in each location as we move forward, together.

Why Use It?

This site provides immediate access to in-depth information including dynamic real estate, demographics and industry breakdowns.


Website visitors can view available properties, along with size, use, cost and development incentives. Corresponding reports such as demographics, labour force and consumer expenditures  can also be created. In addition, businesses are mapped by industry showing their distribution and concentrations throughout the area. 


The ECR site is available free and instantly for access to industrial and commercial real estate in the Calgary Region, along with a database of available properties with images. The new website provides immediate access to critical business intelligence that decision makers need to make an investment decision in the Calgary Region.

What's New?

  • The ECR just won the Marketing Alberta Award of Excellence, Large Community Category! Read all about it on our blog!
  • Check out the ECR's first quarter stats! If you'd like more specific statistics about your listing, please contact the ECR team with your request.
  • ECR in the news!


Q: How much does it cost to participate?

A: Realtors, brokers, developers and land owners can post their properties on the ECR site free of charge.


Q: I have multiple listings, do I have to submit each individually?

A: You can submit each listing separately, or, if you have a large number of listings available in a spreadsheet, you can contact the ECR team to have them uploaded automatically.


Q: What listing types are available?

A: All of the property types are commercial or industrial. There are no residential listings on the site and there are no plans to include them in the future.


Q: What is the geographical boundary covered by the Explore Calgary Region site?

A: The boundary represented on the Explore Calgary Region site is the same geographical boundary represented by the Calgary Region.


Q: What is the data source of the reports on the Explore Calgary Region Site?

A: All of the data in the reports (consumer expenditures, demographics and labour force) are based on 2011 census data and forecasted out by Environics Analytics out of Toronto. To find out more about how Environics Analytics calculates their projections, please contact the CRP.

Fun Facts!

Did you know...

...that in the month of January, our official launch, nearly 1,500 properties were searched for on the ECR website!

...that you can showcase your properties on your social media tools!

...that you can search for all of the businesses within a specific radius of your property!

"A major goal of the Calgary Regional Partnership is to increase economic growth and prosperity in our Region. This website is a valuable tool that will help us in our efforts to attract new businesses, facilitate investment and grow jobs.”

Truper McBride, Calgary Regional Partnership Chair and Mayor of Cochrane