Transportation & Logistics

The Calgary Region is a transportation hub and intermodal distribution centre for western Canada. Investments are ongoing and include City light rail (C-Train) expansion, a major airport expansion including new runway construction  and ring road construction.
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Total Landed Cost Per 1000 Containers


The model has a 2.6 per cent cost advantage for Calgary when compared to Vancouver and a 4.8 per cent cost advantage over Edmonton. This result can be anti-intuitive for logisticians not familiar with western Canada. In an economy dominated by China imports, the cheapest way to move goods is to ship it past the largest market (i.e. Vancouver) over the Rocky Mountains to Calgary and then redistribute the product to all points in the west. The model and examples of shippers located in the Calgary Region identified in this report show that this is exactly what works in many supply chains. For full model details please contact the Calgary Regional Partnership.

Transit time

As you can see, there are significant savings for delivering packages to the Western Canadian customer. On average, a package can reach the final destination more than an hour faster if shipped through Calgary instead of Edmonton.

Transportation cost

Calgary has the lowest outbound cost per kilogram in western Canada.


In 2010, the Transportation and Logistics Sector was comprised of 4,277 businesses.

Employment growth

Between 2002 and 2011, the number of people employed in the Transportation and Logistics sector grew 24.5 per cent.


In 2011, the Transportation and Logistics Sector had 61,600 employees.

Gross Domestic Product

The Calgary Region is a transportation hub and intermodal distribution centre for western Canada. 4,722 companies and 61,600 people.

Labour supply

Calgary’s labour supply is relatively comparable to the rest of Western Canada. Vancouver may have a slight advantage.

Calgary International Airport

As Canada’s fourth busiest airport, the Calgary International Airport is a major cargo hub. With its extensive passenger and cargo connections to Canada, the U.S. and abroad, YYC contributes $6 billion in economic activity annually to the regional economy. As an example of its growth, UPS opened a $30 million, 145,000 square foot cargo distribution facility in 2010.