Why or Why Not Should You Start a Home Painting Business?

By Riley Fitzgerald on April 24, 2020 0 Comments

Start a Home Painting Business

Spring is the time of the year wherein families begin to make serious home renovations. According to, From fixing plumbing to repairing roof eaves and wall sidings, everyone is looking towards improving their house conditions after the weathering winter. One of the annual spring cleaning activities is house painting.

A lot of homeowners are looking to hire professional painters to paint their homes to make it look better this season. If you’re a great house painter, then this season is the best time to start a home painting business.

Why Should You Start a Home Painting Business?

First, if you’re skilled enough, you’ll be paid to do it. Second, it is something you’ll enjoy at the same time. Starting a home painting business is lucrative during this season. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s an accessible startup business with minimal costs
  • Especially during the spring season, many homeowners have a bigger need for your services
  • It is an excellent opportunity to express your creativity and have fun while working on establishing it in your community as well as everywhere else that needs the service
  • You can develop painting specializations, and it all depends on your skills and preference
  • You can offer other relevant services like wall modeling or wallpapering
  • You can partner with interior designers, contract builders, and homeowners in your locality
  • An opportunity to franchise your business is available

What Can Keep You from Starting this Venture?

As this is tedious work, you got to be in your best shape to do the job. Even if you have a team of home painters to work with you, there are some cons that you might want to consider first before making up your mind for this venture. They’re as follows:

  • There can be a broader competition in this venture that offers better services or holds more influential track records
  • Your work might be seasonal, meaning you won’t get a lot of job orders on harder seasons (e.g., fall, winter, storm)
  • You need to perform better than other home painting businesses, and it may require you to have a more distinct painting service than the rest
  • It is crucial to your business to be highly, if not totally, knowledgeable about painting in all aspects
  • You need to have all the necessary painting equipment and tools like rollers, paintbrushes of all sizes, sprayers, rolling pads, ladders, etc.
  • Like any business, you must secure a business certificate, bonding, or a license before you can start it.

Should You Start This Kind of Business?

If you check more pros than cons, then it is high time to start looking for clients who need house painting services. If not, then it is not too late to secure all of them for a smoother operation.

As much as businesses are risky ventures, they have practical advantages for someone passionate about doing painting jobs for others. It is still an exciting activity that has excellent income potential. You can even study a few marketing techniques to help you spread the word about your services.

If you start it soon, you will have your first client knocking on your door or dialing your phone number to do painting business with you.