Cost of Living

By Riley Fitzgerald on April 12, 2019 0 Comments • Tags: #calgary #cost #living

The cost of living in Calgary is actually reasonable, which comes to a pleasant surprise to some. Compared to other cities found in North America, it is more affordable to live in Calgary.

If you prefer a more detailed analysis of the cost of living in Calgary and other major cities in Canada, you can refer to the information we provide regarding the cost of renting or owning a house using the data from Economic Research Institute’s Relocation Assessor.

Their analysis included areas such as transportation, health services, consumables, utilities, rent/mortgage, insurance, and income/payroll taxes.

One of the perks Calgarians enjoy is the low tax. Calgary has no provincial sales tax, no payroll tax, and no health care premiums and has the lowest fuel tax among the other places.

Albertans, regardless of the income range, generally pay the lowest overall taxes. As a result, they enjoy the highest basic personal amount compared to other provinces.

Calgary also has residential real estate property taxes that are calculated using its annual assessed value as stated in the assessment notice and the tax rate approved by the council of the City of Calgary. In 2016, its total tax rate (including the municipal tax rate and provincial tax rate) is, more or less, 0.6%. Nevertheless, it is reasonable.

In conclusion, the cost of living in Calgary is affordable and not burdensome. The low tax regime, the quality of life, and the high pay after taxes is what attracts others to move in and work here.