One representative from each member municipality appointed to sit on the Board; responsible under the companies act for governing the Calgary Regional Partnership (CRP) Inc.; elects Executive Officers from the Board including Chairman, Vice Chair and Secretary; makes major strategic and business decisions (e.g. approves new members, sets strategic directions, approves business plan, budgets and priority programs, forms committees of the Board as needed, updates and amends Calgary Metropolitan Plan); meets four times/year and as required.



Board of Directors






The CRP and its member municipalities are committed to collaborative decision-making that values the perspectives of all members. Our focus includes a commitment to consensus-based decision-making that ensures every member is heard. Through collaboration, it will be possible to achieve the vision, principles and strategies that are at the heart of the Calgary Metropolitan Plan.

Executive Committee

Composed of five Executive Officers elected by the Board; delegated authority by Board to make a specific number of governance decisions for the Partnership; receives recommendations from Sub-Committees and Steering Committees; makes recommendations on matters that go to the Board for approval; meets ten times/year and as required.


Mayor Bill Robertson

Town of Okotoks


Vice Chair

Mayor Patricia Matthews

City of Chestermere



Mayor Ivan Brooker

Town of Cochrane 

Officer at Large

Councillor Dona Fluter

Town of Turner Valley

Officer at Large

Councillor Jim Stevenson

City of Calgary

Executive Director

Colleen Shepherd


Accountable to Board through the CRP Chairman; supports the work of Board and the Executive Committee; Leads CRP Staff, manages the operations of CRP INC.


Composed of Executive Officers; meet periodically as needed; makes recommendations to Executive Committee.


Steering Committees

Composed of CRP Board members and municipal councillors; Chaired by CRP Executive Officers; guides the development and implementation of CRP programs; makes recommendations and report to the Board of Directors through the Executive Committee; may be supported by technical advisory committee; meet 5 times/year and as needed.


General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of the Calgary Regional Partnership's (CRP) member municipalities. The GA approves the financial statements, appoints the auditors, makes changes to the Articles of incorporation (if needed) and receives updates from the Board of Directors.